Saturday 2nd January 2016

by lajos

Ultimately in their early 40s, they decided to break away from the world they had known their comfort zone and begin a journey that changed their lives. Co mingled with their escape was the fact of her growing dependence on alcohol. When she finally realized sobriety was her only way out, Alcoholics Anonymous became vitally important no matter where they were on the voyage from San Francisco, via Australia to Guam..

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Franchise wise, there were two women contestants on “The Bachelor Australia” who dated after their season. Though they’re now broken up, Tiffany Scanlon once declared, did find love on ‘The Bachelor.’ I love (fellow contestant Megan Marx) so much. While their former ties to “The Bachelor” made their relationship go viral (and of course people claimed that they were faking it, la “Faking It,” for the publicity), their relationship developed beyond the franchise’s grips.

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