Tuesday 15th March 2016

by lajos

Guerrier came into the game with 5:43 remaining after Marek Dolezaj fouled out. His biggest play was an offensive rebound and put back score to give Syracuse a 76 64 lead. Guerrier roared and flexed to a cheering Orange crowd after the play. Billboard chart rankings, which put Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s quarantine single, “Stuck with U,” at No. 1, while 6ix9ine’s first hit post prison, “GOOBA,” an undeniable monster of a track with an uncharacteristically corny music video, languished in third. 1, while 6ix9ine’s first hit post prison, “GOOBA,” an undeniable monster of a track with an uncharacteristically corny music video, languished in third.

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Looking at the mix of high tech and financial services businesses along the rather suburban feeling stretch of Colorado Avenue south of downtown Bend, it might be hard to envision a college campus taking root. Johnson and others see it, however, and they’ve started to assemble the pieces, or at least to set the stage for the conversation. At this point the college is eyeing roughly five properties that are around or near its existing building in the Mill Point development..

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