Thursday 25th August 2016

by lajos

Media Blues: NZME makes offer to buy rival Stuff for $1Media group NZME has made an offer to buy rival Stuff for a nominal $1. It has applied for Commerce Commission approval and seeks special legislation from the government by end of the month. More>>ALSO:RNZ Covid 19: Government announces support package for media sectorBetter Public Media Good And Bad News In Media Funding AnnouncementNZ Govt Media Support Package Delivers Industry Request For Assistance.

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wholesale nba jerseys from china This law office has nothing to do with that number.”Hmmm. We could try Leshin at home say, around dinnertime but at this point it might be easier to just see him in court.Unfair at Any SpeedThink you know where that splashy sports car has been you know, the one you purchased at that high end used car lot? Think again.Jennifer Gjonbalaj thought her used 2004 Porsche Cayenne, an SUV that retails for $34,000, was in mint condition. Gjonbalaj recalls the folks at Presidential Auto Leasing and Sales in Delray Beach affirming that they knew the snazzy, gold colored gas guzzler was in “pristine” condition because the gentleman who previously owned it was a “personal friend” of Presidential Auto’s manager.She bought the car in August 2006 wholesale nba jerseys from china.

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