Sunday 28th June 2015

by lajos

As well as the football, with the lads back together, the mickey taking and mischief is in full swing. So after more than a few pints too many, Harry and John decide it’s time to show the boys who’s Boss and organise a surprise 5 a side game. The ex England Players can’t believe their eyes when they see they’ll be playing a French nudist team.

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But protesting is situational, which may be what Poe was trying to get at. If, for example, Colin Kaepernick had started screaming “F k the police” when the national anthem began playing instead of kneeling, do you think his movement would have gotten anywhere? Do you think athletes all around the country would have followed his lead? Do you think that Nike would have lent its corporate clout to his movement? Kaepernick’s aim wasn’t to indict a particular police department; it was to raise awareness of the issue on a national scale. Taking a knee was simple, powerful, and effective..

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