Saturday 2nd January 2016

by lajos

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals (QB): Ryan had another huge fantasy game on Sunday against the Texans in which he attempted 46 passes and had 32 completions, 330 yards, four touchdowns and one interception. This hobbled Falcons defense is going to force the offense to score a lot of points in order to keep them competitive in any games, meaning Ryan will have to throw a lot. He has a great Week 6 matchup in Arizona and has the chance to finish as the number one quarterback..

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The advantage for us they won’t know how exactly we’re going to be lined up for some of that stuff. We’re excited. You asked me what worries me? Nothing. If you are driving wholesale jerseys from china to the Outer Banks you might be lucky enough to see an alligator enjoying a nice bask in the sun in the canal that runs along highway 64 between Columbia, NC and Mann’s Harbor. In fact, drive with caution in this area. In May 2014 a drive hit and killed an 800 pound gator, doing considerable damage to the vehicle..

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