Wednesday 20th April 2016

by lajos

I believe that gratitude is a practice. It isn just an emotion we feel now and then, but a virtue that we actively cultivate. It begins by paying attention, by noticing things that we often take for granted. Oh, man. The National Anthem. What is it about the national anthem? Whose idea was it to insist that an entire nation gets behind a song that is so freakin’ hard to sing well? Thank goodness for Whitney Houston, then, who nailed the national anthem in 1991 and, in light of many others that have gone before and after her (check out the worst performances for more news on that one), gave us hope, reminded us that there are still talented souls out there who can hold a tune and do their nation proud.

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Planning for retirement isn’t a one time operation. It’s something you’ll need to revisit through the years leading up to retirement, revising as necessary when jobs and lifestyles and family needs change. Your risk tolerance will decrease with time, as well, which is why it’s important to make sure your retirement funds are being allocated wisely.

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