Tuesday 26th July 2016

by lajos

Are a lot of environmental disasters that happen because of mining, I think we all know that. I honestly believed we could do it right and I wanted to be a part of that changing story, she said. Personally believe that we need manufacturing and things like mining.

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Why do women love to wear high heel shoes? This is actually something of a mystery to the majority of female shoe wearers, who complain that they can walk in them, or find them uncomfortable. However, it is no mystery to the women who love them. High heeled shoes have the ability to stir emotions within the wearer like no other shoes and change a person entire silhouette.

Similar programs among young boys on gender equitable behaviour like Project Raise by Equal Community Foundation in Pune and West Bengal, and Ehsaas by SNEHA in the slums of Mumbai are showing positive outcomes. “We have to raise our boys differently” said Ms Muttreja. “The focus cannot be only girls and women while we continue to socialize our boys badly.”.

But it wasn all about food. There was strolling holiday entertainment, a craft station to make your own holiday ornaments, magicians doing card tricks, jugglers, balloon sculptures, a snowman and a man on stilts. Many of the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves by running around and pretending to sword fight with their balloons while the younger parents chased after them..

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