Tuesday 16th August 2016

by lajos

“This will help reduce a huge defence import bill,” Sitharaman noted. It is not clear, though, how the government will revamp the scores of OFBs which are under fire for producing inferior armaments including artillery shells. The minister, however, ruled out privatising them and indicated overhauling their management instead so that they could be listed on the stock market.

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After three weeks of intensifying attempts for its observers to return to Guyana to participate in the elections recount observation, the Carter Center appears to have given up. In a statement released yesterday, it expressed deep disappointment in the Granger administration’s rejection of its requests, saying that the rejection illustrated the government’s lack of commitment to transparency. The Center reiterated its previous position that the conduct of the elections was transparent and credible up until and except for the Region Four tabulation process.

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Is all working out, Trump said. Is horrible to go through, but it is working out. Public health experts believe the nation cannot safely reopen fully until a vaccine is developed. Political correctness offends me. It’s servile and infringes on individual expression and intellectual diversity. Disagreeing with their perspective..

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