Thursday 24th September 2015

by lajos

On possibilities of operating all businesses in districts where there are no active cases, he said that necessary steps are being taken by the State government in this regard but there are more people returning here from other States. “About 719 persons who have returned from other States have tested positive for COVID 19 here. If all restrictions are removed, it could lead to community transmission here and we wouldn’t be able to control it.

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We then got a lay of the land out on the court. Craig found his designated spot on the hardwood floor where he would spend the next three hours. I then preceded to walk to the different press tables to find where I would be sitting for the game. Someone gave it a name: Quarantine Fatigue. It’s not a diagnosis, but it surely does label what many people are feeling now that we’re 7 8 weeks in with stay at home guidelines/orders. People are by nature social creatures.

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