Wednesday 24th June 2015

by lajos

And on the way down the A40, the M40, the bridges, crowds everywhere coming into Wembley. I remember Alan Shearer always going up to the front of the bus and putting Football’s Coming Home on we really took it all in and enjoyed it. Those were really special times.

I worked among mountain lions, bobcats, bears, rattlesnakes (no not politicians but the creepy crawly. Hmmm, guess they’re all creepy crawlers) and ranchers. At one place in the West Cooney Hills of Wyoming, I found billions of carats of a gemstone known as kyanite.

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My face was not hidden by the hat, but you couldn’t see my eyes because of the sunglasses. Since it was not a very identifying picture, I thought it was good enough to use as my profile picture on Google. I figured it beat using a picture of the family dog or cat that everyone else seemed to be using..

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