Wednesday 27th May 2015

by lajos

When, in reality, most of those people have never been infected at all. This will result in many people having a false sense of security, which would likely lead many of these people to avoid taking adequate precautions such as wearing masks.In effect, the result of bad tests producing false positives is mass confusion and the gross mis allocation of resources to fight the pandemic. If that sounds like the precise scenario that communist China would be trying to unleash across America as part of a biological warfare playbook, you exactly right.That why we believe the false positive test kits are deliberately manufactured to be faulty as a way for China to magnify the spread of the coronavirus pandemic outside of China as part of its multiple waves of biological warfare against the West.Almost certainly, China reserved the accurate kits for itself while exporting known kits to nations like the United States, all while pressuring the WHO to claim there was no pandemic at all..

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