Monday 19th October 2015

by lajos

The convenience retailer Gala has renewed its sponsorship of Special Olympics Ireland for another four years. Over the next four years, the retailer will invest a “six figure sum” in supporting Team Ireland. Gala first partnered with Special Olympics Ireland for the World Summer Games in 2015 before cementing its relationship with the organisation to become a platinum sponsor of Special Olympics Ireland, supporting more than 8,000 athletes nationwide..

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Taxpayer money is being wasted, as well. ECMC has a long history of aggressively opposing student loan discharges, even when there little hope of recovering any money. Among other cases, ECMC has notoriously fought bankruptcy relief for a woman diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; a formerly homeless woman with mental illness subsisting on Social Security disability payments; and, in the case of Navy vet Kevin Rosenberg, the subject of Morris ruling, a man whose basic living expenses exceeded his income..

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