Thursday 17th September 2015

by lajos

Colin Kaepernick still matters because his message still does. NFL owners couldn make him go away by keeping him off a team (whether through outright collusion, as his lawsuit alleges, or a more informal groupthink), and they couldn stop the protests that stemmed from his activism through ham fisted attempts at compromise with the players. President Trump raised the stakes too high for that.

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A governor is in the best position to maintain or ease restrictions for his or her state. But within those states, a governor needs to collaborate with legislators, health officials and local leaders. Together, they are best able to assess the readiness to reopen their area economies.

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CEO Stephan Bancel told Yahoo Finance in an interview that the company anticipates submitting for FDA approval by the end of the year, and that affordability is key to wide distribution. Firms pricing vaccines between $10 to $20 per treatment. The 9 year old Moderna is competing against industry giants like Johnson Johnson (JNJ), Pfizer (PFE), Sanofi (SNY) and others which are equipped with big manufacturing plants to produce millions of doses at risk.

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