Friday 23rd October 2015

by lajos

I’ve found joy and personal satisfaction in finally entering my record collection into the popular online music database. I’ve always wanted to know precisely how many albums I own (1,000+ and counting) and roughly how much they’re worth. For insurance purposes alone, this is a worthwhile endeavor for any record collector.

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It’s a plain and simple sentence to convey what for every other state and the federal system has been a plain and simple truth. Voters in Louisiana, the one other state that had embraced a nonunanimous jury law born during the Jim Crow era, repealed that provision in 2018. Oregon stood alone..

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I know our community is working so hard to try to use video and virtual and telephone, and that I think can help to substitute at this time. You know, people also aren’t even able to have birthing attendants, either, at the other end [of the cycle of life]. I’ve heard of hospitals not allowing that for women in labor..

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