Monday 8th June 2015

by lajos

In normal times, Maine Food for Thought tours lead visitors around Portland to learn about the state farm to table and sea to table traditions, with stops for tastings at local restaurants to make these food system talks deliciously real. In these far from normal times, the company is offering Maine Food for Thought Conversations, 90 minute virtual tours on Zoom. The virtual tours cost $24, which includes a free ticket for an eventual walk around tour, which are, for now, scheduled to resume in July.

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The ban is already having an impact nationwide. Sweet Tomatoes, a San Diego based salad bar chain, announced last week the company would permanently close nearly 100 locations across the United States, including four in the Portland metro area. In announcing the closure, CEO John Haywood noted that even Georgia, which has been criticized for reopening businesses too soon, hasn’t allowed self service operations to reopen..

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