Monday 10th August 2015

by lajos

So when the Randolph party docked at the Bremen locks, a large crowd of residents mostly German immigrants were waiting. Stories differ here as to what actually happened, but the most common story told is that the Randolph party was permitted to land and disembark for the night, upon protest. The residents had either already had a meeting, or had one immediately afterwards(stories vary here) to discuss the situation..

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wholesale jerseys All four women recently were honored by Lock Haven University for their work to help others through the COVID 19 pandemic. Beecher a 2014 alumna, is a registered nurse in the emergency department at St. Lukes Hospital in Allentown; Murray, a 2015 alumna, is a registered nurse on the cardiothoracic unit at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in West Philadelphia; Roche, a 2008 alumna, owns a clothing business called Hazel Goods, which has made and donated more than 900 masks to hospitals nationwide; and Brooks, administrative secretary to the president and vice presidents at the university, has used her sewing skills to make face coverings for students and staff.The COVID 19 pandemic has changed so many lives in so many ways.People have had to change how they work, shop, exercise and even communicate with others. wholesale jerseys

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