Saturday 7th May 2016

by lajos

Meanwhile Love is a Mind Control is far too long at seven minutes; the first half has a monotonous post punk edge and the latter half falls back into shoegaze territory. It’s inoffensive, but it’s a little disjointed and utterly forgettable. Plus, the nu disco flavour of Not a Natural Man felt out of place, apart from the deliberate monotonous vocals again which, at this point, are becoming boring AF..

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Louis Blues went 51 19 1 with 11 ties to win the Presidents’ Trophy for finishing first in the League standings with 114 points, an improvement of 27 points from 1998 99. Pronger was second in the NHL among defensemen with 62 points (14 goals, 48 assists), behind Lidstrom (73), and led the League with a plus 52 rating and 30:14 of cheap jerseys ice time per game. Lidstrom won a personal triple crown in 2001 02, taking the Norris, the Stanley Cup and the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP.

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