Wednesday 30th December 2015

by lajos

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Remember he has plans for you more than likely than evening. Have your music picked out and your favorite beverage and your a hit. No drinking and driving or you’ll spoil the whole night or end up in the local jail house.. Jessi was known for her bright smile, positivity, and tenacious pursuit of the fulfillment of her dreams. Her drive was infectious, and she served as a role model for young Girls, and Women around the world. People that loved her and followed her became family, all bonded together by adventure and passion.

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Dora Anne Mills says that people who want to socialize can be safe, but it important not to rush. She said the members of one household that has been quarantining together can meet with members of another household that has been quarantining and lives in the same community (or a nearby one). After getting together, both groups should wait two weeks before introducing any others into their circle.

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