Wednesday 13th January 2016

by lajos

“Over my shoulder is a picture of Paul Frishkorn. He was a longtime flight attendant and he was the first one to be taken from us with coronavirus,” Nelson said through tear filled eyes. (Zoom screenshot)JetBlue was the first airline to make masks a must for travelers taking flights during the COVID 19 pandemic just last week, and now others are joining.

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Understand Where to Break the ChainOne major part of cognitive behavioral therapy is the idea that our behaviors are all preceded by thoughts and emotions that preceded by a situation. Even if you are angry, you have a chance to change the way you react if you are able to understand this behavioral chain. You can think of it as a chain of events..

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Another tactic is to create what is called a ‘buyers only’ list where the only way to get on that list is to actually have bought something from you in the past. This way, you are immediately able to eliminate the freebie seekers who are only interested in what you have as a free gift. I know these people are annoying, but it is a part of business.

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