Saturday 5th September 2015

by lajos

“We need to spread the message: Dealerships can oer a young person the opportunity to make a good living as a service tech, without taking on massive college debt,” Ford says. Andy Church, COO of Dealer Solutions North America, suggests creating apprenticeship programs oering high school and college students part time technician jobs until they graduate. Dealerships “under 5 percent,” he says oer these programs..

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cheap nfl jerseys That Petri’s metaphor requires no further explication is as meaningful a statement as any about our national predicament, and the funniest one in “Homebound,” a wholesome slice of life Web series created by Bethesda’s Round House Theatre. Intended both to give work to Washington area playwrights and actors and to take the temperature of this odd moment, the series is a modest tonic. A 10 minute episode once a week seems absolutely the right dosage for this refreshingly lighthearted regimen.. cheap nfl jerseys

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