Wednesday 25th November 2015

by lajos

El sitio web estatal que brinda informacin sobre el programa, incluidos los nombres de organizaciones sin fines de lucro que aceptan solicitudes, colaps y no estuvo disponible durante dos horas y media este lunes por la maana, indic Scott Murray, portavoz del Departamento de Servicios Sociales del estado. Tambin seal que “a pesar de los desafos tcnicos iniciales. Se han iniciado ms de 6.500 inscripciones en todo el estado”..

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There is still insecurity in some areas of South Sudan between rebel factions. We had former SPLA [Sudan People Liberation Army] officers who decided to defect because they didn get their share of government; they lost elections or were dissatisfied in some way and decided to also rebel against the government of South Sudan. It doesn make sense just came out of a very bloody war and then to decide to go back and fight again; people are tired of fighting..

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