Wednesday 21st October 2015

by lajos

In Baltimore, Ashlee Ramirez, a registered nurse in an emergency room, has spent the last month helping to intubate COVID 19 patients. With her hospital short on protective gear, she has spent her own money on materials to make masks and face shields as well as on heavy duty garbage bags in case gowns run out. But she has yet to receive any economic stimulus money, even though her husband, Fredy, a Honduran citizen, received a Social Security number in January..

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Nobody is ever a safe bet to stay with Oakland long term, but Doolittle is signed through 2018, with team options for the subsequent two seasons, at thoroughly reasonable prices for the budget conscious A’s. He’s missed most of this year because of injury, but was an All Star last year and has been on three Oakland playoff teams. Sonny Gray would also be a good choice, but you’re more likely to use that jersey to dab away tears after he’s traded during his arbitration years..

So I think it will be more of a case by case scenario is it worth it to each individual as they make that analysis. Court is the only area to be used by players and coaches, with locker rooms, medical facilities and offices still off limits. The public and media are still barred from entering.

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