Wednesday 8th July 2015

by lajos

There is nothing like being a part of a Club or Association to build your leadership skills and be a part of the Sheridan Community. Students at the Davis campus have built and run business clubs of all business disciplines and with a wide variety of activities and events for many years. Association and the Sheridan Marketing Association, Enactus an entrepreneurial organization and Toastmasters a public speaking club..

This looks so refreshing that I feel cooler just looking at it. Sharing it again with my followers and voting it up again and awesome. Highly appreciated. Ownership. I read something a while ago that the group of owners got a hockey team as some sort of package deal involving the other pro teams in Atlanta (?). Thus they didn really care about the Thrashers, they were viewed as the red headed step child to the other sports teams.

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Plus, Cassidy believed the move could provide DeBrusk without a point in his previous 10 contests with a much needed boost. In the end, all of Cassidy’s thinking was for naught when Marchand gave the green light after warmups. A night as the Bruins’ top line left wing was not in the cards for DeBrusk..

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