Sunday 11th October 2015

by lajos

Ray Allen played with the Bucks during the period 1996 2003 as a great shooting guard. He is best remembered as being a prolific three point shooter and an extremely accurate free throw shooter. Allen was a first round pick out of Connecticut and averaged 20 ppg during his career with Milwaukee.

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Today, he tears into McConnell on a near daily basis for not being an impartial juror. What a joke. Schumer voted for the Clinton rules package back then and opposes it now because, well. Was a cesspool of mud, so from our perspective it was just as toxic as getting something off a train car. We tried to hose them down as best we could, and we have resources to do that. Its Santa Barbara and Goleta Valley hospitals, the Cottage Health system saw 28 patients related to the Montecito disaster..

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