Saturday 5th December 2015

by lajos

The NBA was suspended indefinitely in March due to the COVID 19 crisis, which has wreaked havoc across the globe.NBA commissioner Adam Silver is reportedly exploring the possibility of holding the entire postseason in one location Las Vegas, while there has been talk the competition could head straight into the playoffs.The Lakers had played 63 of the 82 game regular season when the campaign was halted, Los Angeles boasting a Western Conference best 49 14 record and James is eager to return.”Definitely not giving up on the season,” James said. “Not only myself and my team mates, the Lakers organisation, we want to play.”There’s a lot of players that I know personally that want to play. And obviously, we don’t ever want to jeopardise the health of any of our players or any of the players’ families and so on and so on.”This is a pandemic that we have no idea [about].

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We all heard of the stories about the dog that warned the families that there was a fire in the house. If it was not for the dog, those families would not be here today. Now, that is love and the pet gave that love to you because you gave love to your dog.

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