Sunday 24th May 2015

by lajos

Photograph: Javier Galeano/APThe son of a notorious death squad leader has been appointed to run the Colombian government’s programmes for victims of the country’s long civil war, prompting fury among survivors.Jorge Rodrigo Tovar was this week put in charge of a scheme for compensating victims of the conflict many of whom were terrorised by his father, Rodrigo Tovar, better known in Colombia as “Jorge 40”.During the late 90s and early 2000s, the elder Tovar led the Northern Bloc of the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (or AUC) which was responsible for a string of massacres and the murder of hundreds of civilians along Colombia’s Caribbean coast.In February 2000, militiamen under his command tortured and dismembered over 60 peasant farmers in the isolated village of El Salado, in one of the worst single acts of violence in the five decade war. Victims including a six year old girl and an elderly woman were stabbed, beaten and strangled to death.Iveth Jimnez’s father, Vctor Manuel, a union leader, was forcibly disappeared wholesale nfl jerseys from china in 2002 by members of Jorge 40’s militia. She was aghast at the news that his son was now coordinating the government’s response to victims.”They have no right to play with the memory of all those that Jorge 40 has murdered, tortured, disappeared and displaced,” said Jimnez.

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