Saturday 28th November 2015

by lajos

To the latest news, with the death of at least two prisoners in Tehran and Orumiyeh prisons with suspected coronary disease, thousands of prisoners held in Iran prisons have been exposed to coronavirus virus. According to the human rights website, Hrana, far, 16 suspected Coronavirus inmates have been transferred from Urmia prison to out of prison hospital. It adds Tehran Grand Prison, four inmates have been quarantined.

One day, while Vincent is supposed to be taking Woody to school, he instead takes him out to the bank where he expected to be granted a loan for his food business. However, he is flatly refused based on his criminal past and he is forced to engage in one more drug dealing job for his ruthless boss Mr. Fish with young Woody looking on.

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Island residents read with great interest the following headline in the January 16, 1956 issue of the Buffalo Evening News: “$2,000,000 Shopping Plaza Planned On Grand Island.” The News’ story gave the location as being “across from the 35 acre site, which taxpayers in October 1955 voted not to purchase for a future civic center.” According to the article, Lawrence A. Grant, representing Basex Realty Inc. Said commitments for space already had been received from a bank, Nu way Inc., and Lane Drug Co.

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On game day, Foster and her crew get to The Grove around 5 in the morning to put covers on all the chairs, hang chandeliers and decorations, and bring in all the food (wheeled in on specially made carts). “We could fill a moving truck with all we bring,” she says. “Then we sit in our Adirondack chairs and enjoy each other for about an hour.

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