Tuesday 14th July 2015

by lajos

I didn use regexp in the example below but you get a huge performance boost if you use that instead. Think about preserving order as well. When I convert the dict type into string space, ordinal properties of the string itself will be enforced on the dict.

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Canada Goose Parka Amber Ruddy, director of provincial affairs with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, said business owners are frustrated. She said the city needs to look first at tightening its own belt before it talks about shifting some of the property tax burden to residential homeowners, spending money on downtown revitalization, or anything else.I don just mean trim back on big ticket items that haven been spent yet, I mean where can we trim back on things that are happening now? Ruddy said.Zoe Addington, policy director with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, said she also believes the city first step should be to look at its own budget. But she said a deeper examination of the city property tax assessment system is a good idea.we should be considering things like, is there a floor where properties can go below? Is there a lower limit you can put on it, so that these downtown properties don drop below a certain point when it comes to assessed value? Addington said.She added it might also be time for a bigger conversation around who should bear the burden of an economic downturn.the way we see it is, if a business made the decision to build in the downtown and then the building is empty and not worth as much, it not fair for that burden to be passed onto other buildings outside of the downtown, she said Canada Goose Parka.

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