Saturday 28th November 2015

by lajos

I strongly believe that we can continue and it will be safe or in a safe environment going forward if we do the right things.”I watched the Leipzig Freiburg game and it was good to watch some football. It was strange but good.”This season has been particularly strange for Brentford as they were due to say farewell to Griffin Park this season, they are in the hunt for the play offs and it was a dream to get promoted and move into their new stadium in the Premier League.Everything has been on hold for Brentford but the club is something of a rarity in football, it is well run, and yet even a club which respects budgets and costs is facing testing times because moving into a new stadium with no fans is a major worry.Frank said: “It’s very strange. Basically, when everyone started playing football or coaches started to coach it was without fans.

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