Friday 22nd May 2015

by lajos

Ms Clemon’s told FBI investigators that two men, neither of whom came close to matching Oswald’s description were involved in the altercation and shooting of Tippet. She described the gunman as being a “short guy and kind of heavy, and the other man [with him] was tall and thin in khaki trousers and a white shirt.” She said after Tippet was shot and fell to the ground, the two men immediately ran in opposite directions. Her statement to FBI investigators was never mentioned in the final Warren Commission report and she was never contacted by any Warren Commission investigators..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china The Republican governor lashed out at a news conference earlier this week saying Jones had a pattern of “insubordination” and should have been fired months ago.Jones has not alleged any tampering with data on deaths, hospital symptom surveillance, hospitalizations for COVID 19, numbers of new confirmed cases, or overall testing rates core elements of any assessment of the outbreak and of federal criteria for reopening. And Jones acknowledges Florida has been relatively transparent for which she herself claims some credit and relatively successful in controlling the pandemic.She has, however, suggested Health Department managers wanted her to manipulate information to paint a rosier picture and that she pushed back. In an interview late Friday on CNN she finally cited some detail, after several days of vague statements.She said the state made changes in April to support its initial reopening May 4, for example by altering the way it reports the positivity rate of testing in a way she disagreed with. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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